Spheres of Life: Gods & Myths | How to Play

The world of Spheres of Life has expanded! It is now filled with Mythical Creatures possessing powerful magic; Godly Heroes with game-changing powers; Godly Abilities before accessible only to gods. And a new phase - the Dawn Phase is upon you!

The Gods & Myths expansion introduces new exciting elements to the Spheres of Life universe. Here you will find the rules for the expansion.

*But to play the expansion you need to know the rules of the base game - Spheres of Life: Mythical Forest. Learn the base rules here!

Important - Orb of Hades

For clarity reasons, the card "Orb of Hades" has an updated asterisk text. The card should say: "*Picking other cards during the Day Phase are not impacted." 

Explanation - when this card is in your Field, you may take one card from the Discard Pile in addition to the two other cards you would normally get during the Day Phase.

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Spheres of Life: Gods & Myths | FAQ and How To Play

Learn how to play the Gods & Myths expansion!

To play the Gods & Myths you need to have the Spheres of Life: Mythical Forest, and know its rules.

1. What Is New?

The Gods & Myths expansion introduces 4 new key elements significantly increasing options and adds layers of strategy.

In this chapter, read the brief overview of each component. Next chapters (2-5) will get more into rules and details of each component.

Mythical Creatures

Mythical Creatures are are a special kind of Animals. Similarly to Noble and Corrupted Animals there are Noble Creatures and Corrupted creatures.
Also, similarly the Mythical Creatures can grant or reduce your points.
But in contrast to regular animals, the Mythical Creatures posses a powerful effect when banked.

Read more, in the next chapter.

Godly (Prolonged) Abilities

Prolonged Abilities introduces a new mechanic to the game.

When used, the Prolonged Abilities have an ongoing effect that gives either a bonus to the player, or disadvantage to the opponents.

Godly Heroes

The Godly Heroes mechanically are the same as regular Heroes, but each Godly Hero has a unique ability that is even more powerful as the regular Hero Abilities.

The Dawn Phase

The expansion introduces a fourth Phase - the Dawn Phase.

But in contrast to Day, Night, and Dream Phases - the Dawn Phase is triggered at random during the game.

This Phase provides the opportunity to end the game early by playing risk-reward meta game.

2. Mythical Creatures - Rules

How to Identify Mythical Creatures?

Mythical Creatures have blue and
red identifiers, just like Noble and
Corrupted animals, but Mythical
Creatures have an added eye symbol on top of the regular animal symbol.

Mythical Creatures also have a set bonus described at the bottom of the card.

How to use Mythical Creatures?

Just like in the regular Animal Cards, Players can collect and bank a full set of Mythical
Creatures as their Bonus Action.

In contrast to regular Animals - the Mythical Creatures have a set bonus that provides a
powerful effect. Each Creature has an unique effect.

When banking the set, the Player gets the set effect but does not get the points (unless
points are mentioned in the respective effect).

Read more about set banking in the main rules (version 1.5).

How Many Sets Can a Player Bank?

There is no total limit on how many sets a player can bank.

But a Player can bank only one set during their turn (regardless
if it is a regular Animal or Mythical Creature) within the same Dream Phase.

Still, a Player can perform another (different) Bonus Action before their turn.

Can I Bank an Incomplete Set?

Unless another effect specifically allows it, incomplete sets cannot be banked. You can see the set bonus and how many cards are in a set on the respective cards.

If I Bank a Mythical Creature, do I Still Get the Points?

No, if you bank a Mythical Creature, you don't get the points (unless the banked set bonus provides points).

If Rules Mention "Animal", does it Include the Mythical Creatures?

Yes, if the rules does not specify "Mythical Creature," you can treat the Mythical Creatures as Animals.

For example, if an Ability Card lets you Shoutout an Animal Card - that includes all of the Mythical Creatures as well.

If a Player Has Banked a Mythical Creature, Can I Cancel its Effect?

Short answer - no!

Just like the banked regular Animals, these cards cannot be stolen, discarded, gifted or otherwise removed until the end of the game.

3. Godly (Prolonged) Abilities - Rules

How to Identify Prolonged Abilities?

Just like the regular Abilities, Prolonged Abilities have a pink frame, but you can differentiate them with the Hourglass symbol on the corners of the cards.

How do the Prolonged Abilities work?

Like the name suggests, the Prolonged Abilities have an ongoing effect.

When used, the Prolonged Abilities are activated and openly put on the Table, next to the respective Player’s Hero Card. When a Prolonged Ability is in activated form, it is called “In Field”.

This effect is active as long as the player has it in its Field (i.e., has activated it).

How to Activate a Prolonged Ability?

Prolonged Ability Cards are activated as a Bonus Action During the Dream Phase – just before their Action.

Players can activate one Prolonged Ability Card during a single Dream Phase.

How Many Prolonged Abilities Can Be Activated?

Players can activate one Prolonged Ability Card during a single Dream Phase.

In total, each Player can Activate up to two Prolonged Abilities in their Field at the same time.

How to Deactivate Prolonged Abilities?

Prolonged Abilities can be deactivated:

1) By a block Ability (e.g., Apple of Life), even if the Godly Ability prevents the use of Ability Cards.

2) When specifically stated to block, deactivate, and/or remove a Prolonged Ability.

When Happens When a Prolonged Ability gets Deactivated?

Unless, expressly stated otherwise, Deactivated Prolonged Abilities are sent to the Discard Pile.

Does Unused Prolonged Ability Cards Reduce Points?

No, unused Prolonged Ability Cards don't give negative points at the end of the game.

But each Sacrificed Prolonged Ability Card will give a negative point during the Dawn Phase (read more in the Dawn Phase).

4. Godly Heroes - Rules

How to Identify Godly Heroes?

You can identify Godly Heroes by the word “God/Goddess“ in their name.

Otherwise, just like the regular Heroes, Godly Heroes have bright yellow frame around the cards and a crown symbol in the corners.

How to Play the Godly Heroes?

When playing with the expansion, each player will get two heroes - one Godly Hero and one regular Hero.

Otherwise, the Godly Heroes are stronger than the regular heroes, but mechanically they play the same as regular heroes.

Hero Cards posses a powerful effect that can be used once per game.

Few Key Notes About the Godly Heroes

1) When Playing with the expansion - each player gets two Heroes. One regular Hero and one Godly Hero.

2) The God of Wind substitutes the Windmaster.
*That means if someone chooses the God of Wind - this Player will have two Godly Heroes.

5. The Dawn Phase - Rules

How to Identify Dawn Phase Cards?

It has "Dawn Phase" written on it. and like the other Phase Cards, the Dawn Phase cards have an orange frame around it.

But in contrast to other Phase Cards, the Dawn Phase cards have the standard backside, because Dawn Phase cards will be shuffled in to the Main Deck.

There are 5 Dawn Phase cards in total.

Do I Add the Dawn Phase Cards to the Other Phase Cards?

No, the Dawn Phase cards (5) are shuffled into the main deck. These cards will be a part of the general cards in the Main Deck.

When the Dawn Phase card is picked up - it then triggers the Dawn Phase.

How to Trigger the Dawn Phase?

In Short, the Dawn Phase begins when the Dawn Phase card is picked up in any form from the Main Deck.

1. When anyone draws or puts on the Table the Dawn Phase card - show it to everyone immediately.

2. Now set this card aside next to the regular Phase Cards, and finish the current Phase as normal.

3. After the current Phase ends, the Dawn Phase will begin - starting with the Player holding the regular Phase cards.

The Dawn Phase is triggered. What now?

1. Players take turns starting from the Player who holds the Phase Cards (i.e., who began the Round when the Dawn Phase was triggered).

2. Now, each Player can sacrifice up to 5 cards (+ one Hero Card – read more a bit below). Players can choose to sacrifice no cards but no more than 5.

3. Each Player takes turns and tells everyone how many cards they are sacrificing. Then, put the cards on the table - backside up.

4. When all Players have done this, reveal the sacrificed cards and count the total points
(read more in the next question).

5. If the total points reach or exceed 10 points – game ends instantly.

6. If the points are less than 10 points, each Player still can Sacrifice one unused Hero Card. Each Sacrificed Hero card will add +5 points to the total Sacrificed card pool. This is done in the same sequence starting with the Player holding the Phase Cards. If the points reach 10 points, the game ends.

7. If the Sacrificed card pool does not reach 10 points, the game continues normally by passing on the Phase Cards to the next Player and starting the next respective phase.

8. If the Dawn Phase does not initiate the end of the game, remove the Dawn Phase Card from play. Used Dawn Phase card can no longer be activated in this playthrough.

All Sacrificed cards will go to the discarded deck after the Dawn Phase ends, regardless of its outcome. *The Sacrificed Hero Cards- flipped over.

A Dawn Phase Card was Picked - What Happens to the Current Phase?

When a Dawn Phase Card is picked - you set this card aside.

Then, complete the current Phase as you normally would.

And THEN, when the current Phase was completed, the Dawn Phase begins.

How to Count Points During Dawn Phase?

During the Dawn Phase, the points are counted a bit differently than it is at the end of the game.

1. Noble Animal cards give points as per usual (i.e., as written on the cards below (i.e., 1,4,9 points).

2. Each Ability Card (including Godly Abilities) give a negative point.

3. Each Corrupted Animal gives a negative point. In the Dawn Phase, Corrupted animals don’t multiply the set bonus (i.e., two Corrupted Bear cards will give negative two points, instead of four).

4. A Sacrificed Hero card gives + 5 points. Only unused Hero Cards can be sacrificed.

Can I Keep a Dawn Phase in my Hand?

No! When a Dawn Phase Card is picked up (in any form) from the Main Deck, you must reveal it and show it to everyone.

In case you decide to cheat and keep it in your hand and someone find it out - you will receive -50 points at the end of the game. For each Dawn Phase Card.

In What Instances a Dawn Phase Cannot be Triggered?

There are some situations, when a Dawn Phase cannot be triggered:

1. During the LAST Dream.

2. During the First Day Round/Phase of the game.

3. When dealing the initial 3 cards (before starting the game).

4. If another Dawn Phase card was picked up in the same Round (i.e., you need at least one regular phase in between two Dawn Phases).

What Happens, if the Dawn Phase Card is Picked up During the LAST Dream?

If you pick up the Dawn Phase card during the LAST Dream - simply, ignore it.

What Happens, if a Dawn Phase card is picked up Before the Game, or during the First Round?

In these cases, shuffle the excess Dawn Phase cards back in the Main Deck.

What Happens, if two or more Dawn Phase Cards are Picked up in the Same Round?

Shuffle the excess Dawn Phase cards back in the Main Deck.