Game Review Policy

Welcome to Joyful Games, where our passion for card and board games transcends the boundaries of just creating them.
*If you are a game publisher who wants their game to be reviewed on our page - scroll down!

As a game publisher, we've embarked on an exciting journey to review and explore a diverse array of card and board games from the gaming community. Why, you may ask?

At Joyful Games, we believe that immersing ourselves in the wider world of gaming enhances our creativity and broadens our understanding of what makes games truly engaging.

Our review policy is grounded in a commitment to transparency, objectivity, and a deep-seated love for gaming. By reviewing games developed by others, we not only stay at the forefront of innovation and trends in the industry but also foster a collaborative and supportive gaming community.

Our insights are shared with honesty and respect, aimed at elevating the quality and enjoyment of games everywhere. Join us in this continuous quest for playful excellence, where every game is a journey, and every review is a step towards enriching the global gaming tapestry.

What to Expect from Our Game Reviews

1. A simplified Overview of Gameplay Mechanics: Each review provides a simplified explanation of game’s mechanics, discussing how they contribute to the overall experience and enjoyment.

2. Objective and Balanced Perspectives: Our reviews maintain an (as much as humanly possible) unbiased approach, highlighting both the strengths and areas for improvement in each game, ensuring a fair and balanced viewpoint.

3. Insights into Game Contents and Design: Readers can expect insights into the creative aspects of game components and design, including theme integration, art style, and narrative elements.

4. Comparisons with Similar Games: Not always, but when it makes sense, we draw comparisons to similar games in the genre, providing readers with a broader context and helping them understand where each game stands in the wider gaming landscape.

5. Social Aspects of the Game: Reviews focus on the player experience, discussing aspects like player interaction, replayability, and the overall engagement level offered by the game.

For Publishers and Game Creators

If you are a publisher and you have a board or card game you would like reviewed, you have come to the right place! We are constantly evaluating games to review on our blog.

Our reviews have the potential to be seen by thousands of casual gamers and retailers, and can help supplement your marketing strategy.

The reviews always will be free of charge, but we will require a copy of the game sent to us. That means shipping and associated costs is your responsibility. We are based in Europe.

Publisher FAQ

Do you review any game?

In a nutshell, we review all games that we have agreed on reviewing. So, before sending the game, reach out to us.

If we agreed with you on reviewing your game - we will review it. 

The only exception - if it turns out, you have mislead us in any way. Then, we can decline to review it after receiving the game. 

What kind of games you don't review?

As mentioned, we are open in reviewing most kind of games, but:

1) We don't review games that are not finished. 

2) We don't review games that promote violence, or are otherwise inappropriate. 
*What kind of games are inappropriate? That is up to us to decide, but we will let you before agreeing to receive the game.

Will the review be positive?

There is no guarantee, if the review will be positive or negative. 

We will take as much time as needed to evaluate the game as objectively as possible. The review will look at both, the good and the bad. If some aspects will be purely subjective, we will mention that.

Do you allow edits for the review?

In short - no. 

The games are evaluated at our discrepancy, and opinions are our own. The publisher/creator does not keep the rights to edit the review - neither before or after publishing the review.

Exceptions include:

1) We have included a factual mistake in the review (e.g., incorrect name, player count, launch date etc.)

2) The game creator have made a published update/change to their game/rules. Then we can update the review accordingly.

How long does the review take?

The review process usually takes 2-4 weeks after receiving the game, but of course, more complex games take longer to review. 

If we'll see the review won't be published within 4 weeks, we'll inform you.

Will you mention that you have received a review copy?

Of course. We will disclose, if and what elements of the game was sent to us for free.

And, if we bought something for our own money - we'll disclose it as well.

Do you review only the base game, or you accept also expansions?

The base game is required. Any other bells and whistles (expansions, media kits, upgrades etc.) are optional, if you like to send them.

Just let us know what you will be sending us beforehand!

Do you include links in the review?

Yes, we can add up to two do-follow links to web pages of your choice, as long as the links are relevant to your game (e.g., publisher's webpage, Kickstarter page, link to Amazon listing etc.).

Note: It is possible to publish a featured (i.e., sponsored) article, but given the fact we also are a publisher, this option is limited and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The process for sponsored posts differs to game reviews.

Please contact us to confirm eligibility and obtain the mailing address of the reviewer assigned to your games. All games sent for evaluation become the property of Casual Game Revolution and will not be returned.