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Technically... no.
You will be receiving a JPG file for your purchase, so legally, it is not a donation.

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Besides the joy of giving? Well, you will receive one JPG file (the one in this listing).

The file is the cover art of Spheres of Life: Mythical Forest game.

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The file will be sent to your email immediately after you will place the donat... the order.

Support the Spheres of Life Project by donat... khem.. buying the cover art picture of Spheres of Life: Mythical Forest.

But on a serious note, Joyful Games is a brand new project, so for it to be successful and live on to bring you new games and expansions, we need your support. Especially in the early phases.

So, if you like this project and would like to see where we can go with it, it would be more than amazing if you could help us by donating a few bucks.

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1) by purchasing this listing, you will receive one JPEG file.

2) The JPEG file will be the same regardless of the variant (sum) you will choose.

3) This purchase is non-refundable.

4) By purchasing this listing, you can use the image for personal use only. In short, you can do pretty much everything but resell it.

Long ago, in a land far away, there was a beautiful and enchanted forest called the Mythical Forest. It was a place of wonder and magic where all kinds of creatures lived in harmony. The forest was protected by a powerful force known as the Spheres of Life, which kept the balance of nature in check.

However, one day, a dark and malevolent force began to spread throughout the forest, corrupting the animals and plants that lived there. The source of this power was unknown, but it seemed to grow stronger every day. As the corruption spread, more and more animals fell under its sway, becoming twisted and evil.

The Heroes of the Forest, a group of wise and powerful heroes, knew they had to do something to stop the spread of this mysterious power. So they called upon the bravest guardians to join in the quest to defeat the corruption and restore the forest to its former glory.

And so, you, a brave and courageous Hero of the forest, answered the call and joined the guardians on their journey.

Despite their valiant efforts, the great heroes were faced with a difficult challenge: they could not come to a consensus on the best course of action to save the forest.

While some hoped to restore balance through harmony, others sought to amass the mightiest army of Noble Animals and become the most powerful hero in the land (hence, you can play with two alternate win conditions)!

That meant there could only be one Savior of the Mythical Forest, so the heroes split up, and each walked their own path. But regardless of their differences, the heroes were undaunted, and – one way or another - they vowed to do whatever it took to save the magical forest and restore its former glory.

Through their journey, they gathered with the good mystical forest animals to fight against the corrupted animals and the mysterious power that controlled them.

As the heroes journeyed deeper into the forest, they encountered many challenges and dangers as the corrupted animals tried to stop them!

But that was not all!
Even the day and night were influenced by the corruption, and sometimes they were thrown into the realm of the dream, where nothing was as it seemed!
But amidst all the challenges, they found out that in extraordinary situations, they could use powerful abilities capable of influencing other heroes and the balance of the forest itself.

As they fought their way through the corrupted creatures, the heroes discovered that the source of the power was dark and ancient magic that had been sealed away for centuries. It seemed that someone or something had released this magic, unleashing its malevolent influence on the Spheres of Life, which corrupted the Mythical Forest.

Despite the challenges they faced, the heroes did not give up. They fought with all their strength and courage, and with the help of the Spheres of Life and one of the heroes proved to be victorious and was able to seal the dark magic away once again – by restoring balance or by becoming the strongest hero in the Land.

In the end, the Mythical Forest was restored to its former beauty, and the victorious hero was hailed as the Savior of the forest, and all the living creatures once again lived in harmony… Until the dark magic returned… but that is a story for the next set of heroes!