Brand new competitive lifestyle card game for 2-7 players.

Venture into the depths of Mythical Forest and gather an army of Noble Animals while fighting the Corrupted Animals, and become the strongest hero or restore the balance of this magical world!

Less than 1,000 1st. Edition Copies made. Get them while in stock!

Competetive Card Game

Spheres of Life is a thrilling, competitive card game that offers an easy-to-learn yet challenging-to-master gameplay. The game requires you to strategically collect the best cards fro you while keeping a watchful eye on your opponents.

Amazing Artwork

The game is meticulously crafted in the dark fantasy art style, featuring a mesmerizing array of vivid and breathtakingly beautiful images that are guaranteed to transport you into an entirely new world of immersive gameplay experience.

Compelling Backstory

To elevate your gaming experience to the next level, Spheres of Life offers a brief yet captivating backstory that vividly explains the gameplay elements in a truly engaging and enthralling manner.

Future Expansions

The Mythical Forest is the main game of Spheres of Life, and other expansions and booster packs offering fresh illustrations and additional play elements are in the works.

How do You Play Spheres of Life?

In essence, the gameplay of Spheres of Life is elegantly straightforward - players must strategically accumulate the appropriate cards, while simultaneously discarding those that are unsuitable.

Throughout the game, players can utilize Ability Cards to enhance their own position, or to create obstacles for their opponents.

Moreover, once per game, players can unleash a powerful Ability by utilizing a mighty Hero Ability that is activated by their Hero Card.

Spheres of Life boasts a meticulously crafted gameplay structure that is divided into three distinct phases, each of which introduces a thrilling new strategic component. Additionally, the game offers two distinct win conditions, which provides endless replayability and ensures that no two games are ever quite the same.

So, are you ready to Become the Strongest Hero or Restore the Balance to the Spheres of Life?

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1st Edition Print

Spheres of Life is a groundbreaking new project, and to make it even more alluring, we have designed the 1st Edition Print.

This exclusive version of the game is limited to only 1,000 copies, making it a truly rare and coveted item. But what does it mean to you?

By purchasing the 1st Edition, you are not only supporting our new project, but you are also securing a copy of the game that will never be reproduced (collectors, rejoice!).

And this means that we will send your copy within a few weeks, (instead of waiting for months, even years, as it is on crowdfunding sites).

However, please note that due to the exclusivity of the 1st Edition, we cannot accept returns. As for the 2nd Edition, it will be largely similar to the 1st Edition Print, with the exception of the "1st Edition" text printed on the cards and box.


Have any questions about Spheres of Life? Chances are you will find your answer here! Or, have a look at the full FAQ page here.

How Do I Play the Spheres of Life?

The basic premise is simple - you collect the good cards while discarding the bad cards while using Abilities and Actions in the process.

Read the Instruction Booklet or visit the Rules Page to get started.

More Ways to Play the Spheres of Life?

Yes, Spheres of Life is designed for you to get the most value out of it, so the creator included two possible win conditions (you must decide on one of them):
1) Become the Strongest Hero by getting the most points at the endo of the game.

2) Restore the Balance by being the first player by collecting 0 points on hand.

What is included in the Mythical Forest Box?

The Mythical Forest is the base game of Spheres of Life. It includes:
- 110 Playing cards with Linen Finish;
- Instruction Booklet;
- A Stylish Matte Laminated Box.

Can I Use Multiple Decks of the Base Game?

Yes, Spheres of Life is designed to be easily expanded by using either multiple decks and expansion packs (that will be coming soon).

Does Spheres of Life Have any Expansions?

At the moment only the base game is available, but several booster packs and one expansion is in the works!

Can I Play Spheres of Life Alone?

Well, you can. That is, the same as you can play chess alone.
But for best experience, play it with one or more friends.

For a single deck the game is meant for 2-7 Players. If you have more friends, you can add more decks or expansions (coming soon).

Why the Player Limit is 7?

Generally speaking, the Player limit is dependent on how many Hero Cards you posses. In the base game you receive 7 Hero Cards, hence the limit of 7 Players.

But the included card count (110 cards for the base game) is suitable for up to 7 Players, otherwise your playthrough could be annoyingly short.

Is the game suitable for children?

The game does not contain gore or sexual depictions, but it is illustrated in dark fantasy style. That means, yes, children may play it, but the artwork is aimed at adults.

Is Spheres of Life an Original Game?

Yes, Spheres of Life - from the rules, illustrations, box art, cardfs to everything else is buld from ground up by the creator Eduards Pulks.

Who Created the Artwork?

Spheres of Life is a stylish game for modern people, so the artwork was created and inspired using AI tools.

That being said, the whole concept and finished game is polished by the creator - Edward.

Will the 2nd (Standard) Edition Differ from 1st Ed.?

Only the 1st Edition will have the "1st. Edition" markings on the Box, Instruction, and Cards.

Of course, there might be slight improvements to the 2nd Edition (error checks, grammar fixes, minor styling changes, paper type etc.), but largely the 2nd Edition will be the same as the 1st Edition.

Shipping FAQ

How long until I will receive my order?

The game is now launched, so the game is fulfilled and shipped in a standard manner.

I.e., the order will be shipped out in no more than 3 business days, and then the shipping takes about 2-7 business days.

So on average, you will get your order in 3-5 business days.

How long is the fulfillment time?

The orders are shipped out in 3 business days, but 90% of the time, we ship out the order within 1 business day.

To which countries do you ship?

We ship worldwide. Of course the shipping price varies by regions.

How Much Does the Shipping Cost?

Generally, the shipping costs between 0 to 20 USD depending on the order and destination.

To see the shipping price for you, add the game(-s) to your card and check the price in the checkout step.

Do You Accept Returns?

But for the 1st Edition copies - no, we do not accept regret returns.

But otherwise, yes, we accept returns. An of course, if you receive a faulty/damaged unit, you can return the 1st Ed. copy as. well.

For more information see our Return Policy.

Why Don't You Accept Returns for the 1st Edition Copies?

The 1st Edition print is a special batch - only a thousand copies are (and will be ever) made. This batch is like a beta test (well, not exacly, but kinda).
That means:
1) This print is made without profit in mind, but rather as a starting point to raise money for the next prints.
2) You can consider the 1st Edition print as a crowdfunding project, but without the hassle of waiting for months of getting your copy.
3)The second edition could have some minor changes.

That being said, the 1st Edition print is tested and it is fully playable, but for this version of the game, we cannot accept returns.

How fast is the Shipping?

It depends on the destination, shipping option, and other factors but on average, the shipping takes 3-7 business days.

Do You Have a Wholesale Offer?

The 1st Edition copies are sold exclusively in our website, but the Standard edition is planned for retail partners as well.

So, if you are a retailer interested in the Spheres of Life, please, be sure to reach out to us.