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Ultimate Guide to Best Board Game Accessories

Ultimate Guide to Best Board Game Accessories

Imagine this: You're at the gaming table with friends, ready for an epic showdown. The thrill is real, but what if we told you it could be even better? That's where board game accessories come in—your secret weapon for next-level fun!

In this guide, we're diving into the world of board game accessories that'll turn your game nights into legendary adventures. Think playmats that transform your table, card sleeves that protect like knights, and genius storage solutions. But that's not all; we've got dice accessories that'll thrill every roll and more.

Whether you're a casual player or a gaming pro, get ready for a ride through the world of board game accessories. It's time to supercharge your game with amazing table top gaming accessories and make every play memorable!

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Playmats and Table Covers

Get ready to take your game nights to the next level with playmats and table covers – the unsung heroes of board gaming. These essential accessories offer protection and style, ensuring your gaming table remains pristine while enhancing the overall experience.

First and foremost, playmats and table covers shield your tabletop from spills, scratches, and wear and tear. Say goodbye to the anxiety of accidental spills or scuffed game boards; these accessories have you covered.

Thematic Playmats

Immerse yourself in the world of your favorite games with thematic playmats that are made specifically for one game. These designs transport you to fantastical realms, adding a new layer of immersion to your gaming experience.

Customizable Options

For those who crave a personal touch, customizable playmats from Inked Gaming are a perfect choice. Add your unique flair to the gaming table, making every playthrough distinctly yours.

Premium Table Covers

Explore premium leather table covers by for an extra touch of elegance. These covers not only protect but also elevate your gaming space with sophistication. These options will make game nights more enjoyable and stylish than ever!


Card Sleeves and Protectors

It is no secret that even by being extra careful, playing cards from your favorite card games and board games get wore down over time.

Hence, card sleeves are unsung heroes in the board gaming world, ensuring your game cards remain in top-notch condition. Card sleeves are your first defense against wear, tear, and spills. They shield your game cards from the inevitable wear and keep them looking as fresh as the day you opened the box.

Types of Card Sleeves

Explore a variety of card sleeve options, from standard to premium. While standard sleeves offer essential protection, premium ones often include added features like enhanced durability and clarity. It's all about finding the perfect fit for your gaming needs.

Top Brands in Card Sleeves

When it comes to quality card sleeves, certain brands stand out. Ultra PRO, Fantasy Flight Games, and Dragon Shield are renowned for their top-tier sleeves that provide exceptional protection and a superior gaming experience. Don't compromise on card quality – opt for the best and keep your game cards in pristine condition! 


Storage Solutions

Proper storage is essential to maintain order in your gaming world and keep components in prime condition. Say goodbye to searching for that elusive card or rummaging through stacks of tokens – a well-organized storage system brings harmony to your gaming setup.

Specific Organizers

Some big box games, like Scythe and Gloomhaven include so many moving parts and expansions that they sell additional - specially tailored organizers. So, if storing some of your bib box games becomes too cumbersome, these are worth checking out.

Diverse Storage Selections

Discover a plethora of storage options tailored to board games and card collections. Custom inserts, such as those offered by The Broken Token, provide a snug fit inside game boxes, ensuring every piece has its place. For card enthusiasts, consider dedicated storage boxes like Hobby Lobby's photo storage boxes – perfect for keeping your card collection pristine.

Crafting Your Storage Solution

Are you a DIY enthusiast or prefer off-the-shelf convenience? We've got you covered with both options. Crafting custom shelves or inserts can be rewarding if you're handy with tools. For those seeking ready-made solutions, products like The Game Haul's transport bags make game nights on the go a breeze. At the same time, IKEA's Kallax shelving unit offers comprehensive game storage. Whether you create or purchase, practical storage elevates your gaming collection to new heights of organization and accessibility. 


Dice & Dice Accessories

Regarding tabletop gaming, the roll of the dice can be a moment of pure excitement, tension, or even dread, depending on the outcome. It's an integral part of the gaming experience, and dice accessories are designed to enhance this moment. Let's explore how dice trays, towers, and bags can revolutionize your rolling experience.

Design Dice

If you like board games and beautiful things, then design dice can be a stunning addition to your game nights! From acrylic, to wood, to metal - in the world of premium rolling dice you can find everything. 

Most popular are DnD Dice set that include multiple types of dice - the regular d6 (with six sides) to d4, d8, d10, d20 and d100. 

If you are into sort of thing (and why wouldn't you be!), then just search for "Premium DnD/RPG dice set" or similar and you will find plenty of options - from budget all the way to 100+ USD sets.

Dice Trays

Dice trays are the first line of defense against dice mishaps. Picture this: You're amid an epic battle in a tabletop role-playing game, and your character's fate hangs in the balance. You roll the dice, and it goes off the table, bouncing unpredictably. Your heart sinks seeing the die roll under the sofa!

Dice trays eliminate this anxiety. They provide a space for your roll, ensuring your dice stay within bounds. Plus, many trays come with padded surfaces that muffle the clatter of dice, adding a touch of auditory satisfaction to each roll.

Dice Towers

Dice Towers takes your rolling experience to the next level. These intricate contraptions are designed to mimic the thrill of rolling dice in a medieval castle or wizard's tower.

You drop your dice into the tower, and they tumble and cascade through a series of ramps and chambers before emerging with a decisive roll. Dice towers add an element of spectacle to your rolls and ensure fairness and unpredictability. Each roll is a mini-event; you'll eagerly await the outcome as the dice navigate their path.

Dice Bags

Dice bags offer a combination of practicality and style. They provide a secure and portable home for your dice collection. No more hunting for that specific D20 or the elusive percentile dice; everything you need is in a stylish bag. Dice bags also add a touch of personalization to your gaming setup, as they come in various materials, colors, and designs to match your gaming style.

Trusted Dice Accessory Brands

Not all dice accessories are created equal, so we'll steer you toward the brands that have earned a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Whether you're seeking stylish leather trays from Wyrmwood or innovative electronic die from DICE+, they'll help you make an informed choice to elevate your dice-rolling experience.  


Game Component Upgrades

In the board gaming world, it's not just about the gameplay but also the tactile experience. Board games often come with standard components like cardboard tokens and paper money.

While they serve their purpose, upgrading these components can transform your gaming experience. Custom tokens made from acrylic or wood add a personal touch to your favorite games. Imagine having uniquely designed pieces that match the game's theme; it's like owning a collector's edition.

The Weight of Metal Coins

Metal coins are more than just shiny trinkets. They bring weight and authenticity to your in-game currency. Imagine the satisfying clink of metal coins as you purchase properties in a board game or the feeling of opulence when you pay with metal doubloons in a pirate-themed adventure. Metal coins enhance the gameplay and add a touch of luxury to your tabletop.

Miniatures: Bringing Games to Life

Miniatures are a hallmark of many tabletop games, particularly strategy and war games. Upgrading to detailed, high-quality miniatures can transform your gaming table into a battlefield or a fantastical realm. These finely crafted pieces add depth and immersion to your games, allowing you to visualize epic battles or heroic adventures in stunning detail.

3D Board Game Building Blocks

Some games, especially DnD campaigns, requires to imagine a world on your playing table, so the custom building blocks can let your imagination to come to life! From magnetic to wood, to paper, to plastic, there are quite many options to choose from depending on your budget.

This is more oriented to DnD enthusiasts, but there are some other instances, where you could use them as well.

Elevating Gameplay and Aesthetics

Component upgrades aren't just about aesthetics; they can also impact gameplay. Custom tokens can make resource tracking more intuitive, metal coins add a tactile dimension to economic decisions, and detailed miniatures bring characters and creatures to life in a way that cardboard standees simply can't match. The result is a more engaging and immersive gaming experience for everyone at the table.


Tabletop Lighting

Regarding board gaming, lighting isn't just a practical consideration; it's an essential element that can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Good lighting is crucial for various reasons.

Firstly, it ensures that everyone at the table can see the game components clearly, preventing unnecessary squinting or misplays. Secondly, the proper lighting can set the mood and ambiance for your gaming sessions, making them more immersive and enjoyable.

Adjustable Lamps

Invest in adjustable desk or floor lamps with flexible heads or arms. These lamps allow you to direct light precisely where needed, whether it's illuminating the game board, cards, or fellow players' faces. Consider lamps with adjustable brightness settings for added flexibility.

LED Strips

LED strips are a versatile and cost-effective option. They can be affixed to the underside of your gaming table or around the edges to provide indirect, ambient lighting. Many LED strips come with remote controls, allowing you to change colors and brightness to suit the game's atmosphere.

Pendant Lights

Consider pendant lights or hanging fixtures above your gaming table for a touch of sophistication for a touch of sophistication. These not only provide functional lighting but also add an elegant aesthetic to your gaming space.

Creating the Ideal Ambiance

Achieving the perfect gaming ambiance involves more than brightness; it's about setting the right mood. Here are some tips:

Dimmable Lights: Opt for dimmable lighting options whenever possible. This allows you to adjust the intensity to match the game's theme. Bright for intense strategy games and soft for storytelling adventures.

Color Temperature: Consider the color temperature of your lighting. Warmer tones (around 2700K) can create a cozy, inviting atmosphere, while cooler tones (around 4000K) lend a more focused and alert vibe. And vibrant colors, like pink, red, green can add a sense of mysticism or danger!

Lighting Control: Invest in smart lighting solutions that you can control with your smartphone or voice commands. This provides the flexibility to adjust the lighting without interrupting the game.

Thematic Lighting: Tailor your lighting to match the theme of the game you're playing. For a spooky horror game, go with eerie blue or green lighting. At the same time, a fantasy adventure might benefit from warm, flickering candlelight effects.


Score Trackers and Player Aids

Efficient and easy-to-play board gaming can significantly impact your enjoyment. Board games often involve complex scoring mechanisms, numerous tokens, and intricate rules. This complexity can sometimes lead to confusion, slowing the game and causing interruptions. Score trackers and player aids are designed to mitigate these issues, offering a helping hand that ensures everyone can focus on the fun.

Score Tracking Solutions

The board gaming community is no stranger to innovation, and that extends to score tracking. Here are some creative solutions you may find:

Score Trackers: Many games come with built-in score tracks, but standalone score trackers offer versatility and ease of use. They come in various forms, from simple cardboard sliders to intricate wooden contraptions, allowing you to monitor scores with minimal effort.

Digital Apps: In the digital age, apps have become indispensable tools for gamers. Several apps provide score-tracking functionality, eliminating the need for manual calculations. They are handy for games with dynamic scoring systems or extensive bookkeeping.

Reference Cards: Player aids and reference cards are invaluable tools, especially in games with numerous rules or complex turn sequences. These cards summarize key information, ensuring players can quickly reference rules and make informed decisions.


Gaming Tokens and Meeples

Tokens and meeples may appear simple, but they are the silent narrators of your board game adventures. They embody armies ready for battle, resources waiting to be collected, or adventurers embarking on epic quests. Despite their unassuming appearance, these components convey a game's narrative and mechanics.

Crafting Custom Tokens and Meeples

While many board games come with meticulously designed tokens and meeples, some enthusiasts enjoy the creative process of crafting their own. Here's a glimpse into this artistic pursuit.

Woodworking: Skilled wood crafters can carve custom meeples and tokens from different types of wood, infusing their games with a tactile and rustic ambiance. These custom pieces can range from intricately detailed to elegantly minimalistic.

3D Printing: With the advent of 3D printing technology, board gamers have embraced the opportunity to design and print their unique gaming components. This opens up a realm of personalization, enabling players to bring their imaginative ideas to life.

Painting: Painting is a popular avenue for those inclined toward artistic expression. Gamers can purchase unpainted miniatures and apply their creative talents, transforming generic figures into detailed characters that tell a vivid story.


Digital Tools and Apps

In this digital age, board gaming has seamlessly integrated with technology, offering players various digital tools and apps to augment their gaming adventures. While the tactile nature of board games remains a core appeal, digital tools and apps have become invaluable companions for gamers. These technological aids streamline gameplay, offer quick rule references, and provide virtual platforms for remote gaming sessions.

Rule Lookup Made Easy

One of the common challenges in board gaming is navigating rulebooks, especially in complex games with numerous intricacies. Fortunately, digital tools have a solution. Various apps and websites offer searchable rule databases, allowing players to swiftly find answers to rule-related queries. No more scouring through rulebooks; a quick search, and you're back to the action.

Virtual Board Gaming

Digital apps have bridged the gap between physical and virtual board gaming. Numerous apps and platforms allow players to recreate the board game experience online, inviting friends and fellow enthusiasts from across the globe to join in. This is especially valuable for those seeking to enjoy their favorite titles even when far apart.

Companion Apps for Board Games

Many board games now come with companion apps designed to enhance gameplay. These apps offer immersive soundscapes, dynamic scoring, and interactive components synchronized with the physical game. They transform your tabletop into a multimedia experience, immersing players deeper into the game's world.

Here are a few examples of popular companion apps that have enriched board gaming experiences:

"Gloomhaven Helper": This app simplifies the setup and gameplay of the highly acclaimed game "Gloomhaven." It manages monster stats, tracks character progress, and streamlines bookkeeping, allowing players to focus on tactical challenges.

"Mansions of Madness: Second Edition": The companion app for this cooperative horror game serves as the keeper of secrets, generating unpredictable events and maintaining the element of surprise. It offers atmospheric sound effects and eerie narratives that heighten the tension.

"XCOM: The Board Game": For fans of the digital "XCOM" series, the board game adaptation comes with an app that simulates the chaos of an alien invasion. It is a timer, presents urgent decisions, and provides immersive audiovisual elements.


Where to Find Board Game Accessories

Now that you're excited about enhancing your board gaming experience with these fantastic accessories, the next question is: where can you find them? Fear not, for we have compiled a list to help you embark on this accessory-seeking journey. Whether you prefer online shopping, local store exploration, or custom creations, we've covered you.

The internet is a treasure trove of board game accessories waiting to be discovered. Numerous online retailers and specialty stores are dedicated to providing gamers with a vast array of options. Here's a glimpse into where you can start your digital quest:

Amazon: This e-commerce giant offers a plethora of board game accessories. You'll find an extensive selection, from card sleeves to playmats and storage solutions.

BoardGameGeek is not just a community hub for board gamers; it also hosts a marketplace where you can find new and used accessories. It's an excellent platform for discovering unique items.

The Broken Token: If you're searching for storage and organization solutions, The Broken Token specializes in creating custom inserts and organizers for popular board games. They're designed to fit perfectly inside your game boxes.

Etsy: Etsy is a treasure trove for those who appreciate handcrafted and customized accessories. Many artisans and crafters on the platform create unique board game-related items, from thematic dice trays to personalized player aids.

Local Game Shops

Remember to appreciate the charm of your local game store. These establishments often carry a selection of board game accessories alongside their game offerings. Pay a visit to your nearby game shop, talk with fellow gamers, and you might stumble upon accessories that perfectly complement your collection.



In the grand tapestry of board gaming, table top gaming accessories are the threads that weave unforgettable experiences. They add depth, convenience, and a touch of personalization to your gaming sessions. From playmats that transport you to distant realms to thematic tokens that immerse you in the game's narrative, these additions enrich every moment spent at the table.

As we conclude our exploration of board game accessories, we hope you've gained a newfound appreciation for their role in enhancing the gaming experience. These accessories are more than mere adornments; they elevate your enjoyment, making every roll of the dice and draw of the card a memorable event.

So, fellow gamers, we encourage you to embark on an accessory-seeking quest. Discover playmats that resonate with your favorite games, find the perfect card sleeves to protect cherished decks, and let thematic tokens and meeples transport you into the heart of your board game worlds. Your options are as limitless as your imagination.

In the meantime, feel free to explore what Joyful Games has to offer - from other board game tips to fun board and card games.

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