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23 Best Modern Card Games to Play Solo

23 Best Modern Card Games to Play Solo

Have you noticed the growing trend of solo board games capturing the hearts of gamers everywhere? As more players shift from traditional multiplayer setups to exploring innovative solo experiences, also the world of card games is expanding in thrilling new directions. And we are here to list some of the best ones!

These games aren't just about passing the time; they're about entering a story where you're both the hero and the strategist, navigating adventures and puzzles crafted to test your skills and push your limits. 

Get ready to challenge yourself, refine your strategies, and discover the best card games you can play by yourself!

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Exclusively Solo Card Games

Plain and simple - these card games are built for single player experience, and they can be played exclusively as one player.

Friday (1 player)

Friday serves as a prime example of solo deck-building brilliance. In this survival-themed game, players assist Robinson Crusoe in navigating through an array of dangers on a deserted island.

The gameplay demands the strategic thinning of your deck, removing less useful cards while acquiring new skills to overcome progressively more demanding challenges. Its strategic foresight and resource management integration encapsulate the essence of deck-building challenges, making Friday a compelling narrative-driven solo experience.

Hostage Negotiator (1 player)

Hostage Negotiator offers another engaging take on this genre. Here, players face the intense pressure of negotiating with a hostage-taker, using their cards to influence the outcome of tense standoffs. Strategic card selection and psychological maneuvering are crucial as each decision could tip the scales between triumph and tragedy. The game's unique theme and immersive mechanics enrich the solo deck-building experience and highlight the versatility of card-based strategic play in creating rich, scenario-driven adventures.

Four Against Darkness (1 player)

Four Against Darkness ingeniously blends pen-and-paper RPG elements with card-based mechanics. In this game, players guide a party of four adventurers through dark dungeons filled with lurking enemies, mysterious encounters, and treasure. The gameplay revolves around making tactical decisions, managing resources, and rolling dice to resolve combat and events, all recorded on paper as you map out dungeon layouts. This game stands out for its ability to recreate the classic dungeon crawler experience in a solo card game format. It offers endless replayability with randomly generated dungeons and scenarios.

Unbroken (1 player)

Unbroken is another standout in solo card games, focusing on a narrative of survival and revenge. After a monster attack defeats your party, you must navigate treacherous environments, craft weapons, and overcome hardships to seek vengeance against the beasts that ambushed you. The highly strategic game requires careful resource management and tactical decision-making to survive the harsh conditions and combat formidable monsters. Unbroken's intense focus on solo play is evident in its meticulous challenges and the deep sense of accomplishment from mastering its survival mechanics.

Solo Living Card Games with Deck-Building Challenges

Deck-building games are a distinct genre in the solo gaming arena, where players can engage in profound strategic play by collecting new sets, and crafting their own unique play decks. Unlike traditional card games with fixed decks, deck-building games challenge players to construct their optimal deck with the idea of improving its effectiveness against a particular enemy/scenario.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game (1-2 players)

Arkham Horror: The Card Game immerses players in a rich, Lovecraftian world where they must unravel mysteries and confront cosmic horrors. Each decision shapes the story's development, requiring players to carefully plan their actions against increasing tension and challenge.

Marvel Champions: The Card Game (1-4 players)

Adding to the list, Marvel Champions: The Card Game allows players to step into the roles of iconic superheroes, each with unique decks representing their powers and abilities. The strategic challenge involves optimizing card combinations and actions to thwart villains and their schemes, providing a dynamic and engaging solo experience. We gave a final rating of 4.3/5 for this game, so check it out!

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Lord of the Rings: The Card Game (1-4 players)

Lord of the Rings: The Card Game (revised core set) is another strategy-intensive living card game where players embark on quests across Middle-earth. Managing heroes, resources, and tactics against the game's scenarios requires careful thought and planning, making each playthrough a deep strategic endeavor.

Puzzle Card Games for Solo Play

Puzzle card games for solo play offer an enriching mental workout, challenging players to solve complex puzzles with strategic card manipulation. These games blend decision-making with engaging narratives, testing problem-solving skills and strategic thinking in an immersive experience.

The Game (1-5 players)

The Game is a particularly notable example in this category. In this solo challenge, players aim to play all 98 cards into four piles—two ascending and two descending—with careful card placement and foresight. The simplicity of the objective belies the strategic depth required, as limited rearrangement opportunities mean each decision could lead to either a narrow victory or a frustrating stalemate. The Game transforms a straightforward deck into a formidable puzzle, constantly challenging the player to improve their previous performance.

Onirim (1-2 players) 

Onirim offers another compelling puzzle experience, where players explore a dream world to find keys and unlock doors while avoiding nightmares that impede their progress. The game combines card management and strategic planning with elements of luck, creating an engaging solo puzzle set in a unique, dreamlike theme.

Both The Game and Onirim showcase how puzzle card games can provide deep, mentally stimulating play for solo sessions. These games demand sharp strategic thinking and adaptability, perfect for those looking to test their wits against intricate solo challenges.

Quick Solo Card Games for Busy Gamers

Quick solo card games offer the perfect solution for those who are short on time but craving a quick strategic fix. These games are designed to be set up and played in minimal time, providing a fulfilling gaming experience without a lengthy commitment.

Star Realms (1-4 players)

Star Realms offers a similar quick-play experience but is set in a vast expanse of space. Players engage in strategic battles against alien threats or rival star fleets, using their cards to acquire ships and bases, providing new capabilities or attack power. The dynamic play requires quick decision-making and offers an engaging solo challenge as you aim to optimize your deck and outmaneuver the game's AI. 

Fantasy and Adventure Solo Card Games

Solo card games that delve into fantasy and adventure offer players strategic gameplay, rich narratives, and immersive thematic depth. These games transport players into other worlds, where every card drawn tells part of a story, and every choice can unfold epic narratives.

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (1-4 players)

The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game exemplifies this blend of role-playing and card gaming. Players choose characters, each with unique abilities, and embark on a series of adventures across various fantastical landscapes. The game combines traditional card game elements with role-playing mechanics, allowing players to develop their characters, acquire new items, and face challenges that evolve based on their decisions. It's a deep, engaging solo experience that mirrors the complexity and excitement of a Pathfinder role-playing campaign.

Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game (1-5 players)

Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game – Solo Mode allows players to step into the roles of Marvel superheroes. The game adapts its cooperative deck-building mechanics to a solo format where players battle against villainous masterminds and their nefarious schemes. The rich Marvel universe adds a vibrant layer of theme and story to the strategic gameplay, making each solo session a heroic adventure and a strategic challenge.

Advanced Solo Card Challenges

For those who relish a more intense and complex gaming experience, advanced solo card challenges provide deep strategic layers and intricate gameplay mechanics that demand sharp thinking and meticulous planning. These games are designed for seasoned players seeking a substantial, engaging solo adventure.

These advanced solo card games cater to players seeking a more demanding and fulfilling gaming experience. They offer complex challenges and rich thematic elements that make each session both intellectually stimulating and immensely satisfying. 

One Deck Dungeon (1-2 players)

One Deck Dungeon offers a whole RPG experience condensed into a single deck of cards. Each card doubles as a door to a new room or a monster to fight, with dice and skill checks deciding the outcomes. The game challenges solo players to strategically manage their resources and abilities as they face increasingly challenging adversaries. The compact format packs a punch, offering a dense and rewarding RPG adventure that can be set up and played in less time than traditional role-playing games.

Spirit Island (1-4 players)

Spirit Island also provides a formidable solo challenge, casting players as powerful spirits defending their island from colonizing invaders. The game's solo mode requires managing multiple cards that represent the spirits' powers and strategic positioning on the game board. Players must carefully balance offense and defense, adapt strategies based on the invaders' actions, and synergize their powers to repel the invaders effectively.

Innovative and Lesser-Known Solo Card Games

For those who venture off the beaten path, the world of solo card games holds hidden gems that are innovative and provide distinct and captivating gameplay experiences. These niche games offer fresh mechanics and unique themes, making them a treasure trove for solo gamers seeking something different.

These innovative and lesser-known solo card games enrich the gaming landscape with unique approaches and engaging narratives. They challenge conventional game design and provide solo players with deeply satisfying experiences that are as mentally stimulating as they are enjoyable.

Aerion (1-2 players)

Adding to the list, Aerion is a card game where you are a lone airship engineer attempting to build a fleet of airships using dice and card draws to gather the necessary resources. The game is part of the "Oniverse" series, renowned for its dreamlike aesthetic and engaging solo mechanics. Aerion's inventive use of dice and card management tests your ability to strategize under pressure, making for a challenging and visually appealing experience.

Sylvion (1-2 players)

Sylvion is another innovative solo card game that defends a mystical forest from destructive flames. Players use cards to deploy various forest defenders and combat the encroaching fire. The game combines tower defense and hand management elements, requiring quick thinking and effective strategy to preserve the forest's sanctity.

The Allure of Solo Card Gaming

Solo card gaming is more than a pastime; it's a cerebral journey that enhances cognitive function and emotional health. These games present complex puzzles requiring strategic thought and tactical skills, sharpening memory, attention to detail, and problem-solving abilities. They also provide a focused, meditative break from daily stresses and offer therapeutic benefits.

Moreover, the versatility of solo card games appeals to any lifestyle, permitting players to engage at their own pace without the need for companions. This independence encourages personal growth and exploration, free from competitive pressures. Whether mastering intricate strategies or enjoying a serene moment alone, solo card games merge the excitement of gaming with significant personal and cultural discovery.


As we shuffle through the captivating world of solo card games, it's clear these aren't just simple diversions but gateways to vast adventures and profound strategic challenges. From the survival scenarios the intricate puzzles and from the epic conquests to the quick tactical decisions, solo card games cover a spectrum of experiences that cater to all types of gamers. Whether you're a puzzle solver, a story seeker, or a strategic thinker, there's a card game waiting to challenge your skills and whisk you away on a solo adventure.

So why not turn the next card on your own solo journey? Browse our website for insights and guides on the best solo card games. Join our newsletter to stay updated on the latest releases and hidden gems in solo gaming. Whether you're looking to fill a quick ten minutes or immerse yourself in hours of strategic gameplay, our community, and resources are here to enhance your gaming experience. Embrace the challenge, enjoy the journey, and transform your next solo card game into a memorable adventure.

FAQ Section:

What makes a card game suitable for solo play?

A card game is suitable for solo play if it offers engaging mechanics that challenge the player's strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. Solo card games often include adaptable rules or built-in scenarios that simulate an opponent or challenge, providing a fulfilling and dynamic gaming experience without additional players.

Can I use a standard deck of cards for these solo games?

Many solo card games can be played with a standard deck of cards, especially classics like variations of Solitaire. However, some games, like Arkham Horror: The Card Game or Mystic Vale, require specialized decks or game-specific cards to enjoy the experience.

How long does a typical solo card game last?

The duration of solo card games can vary widely. Quick-play games like Star Realms or Hero Realms can be completed in 10-20 minutes, while more complex games like Mage Knight may take several hours due to their depth and strategic complexity.

Are there any solo card games that also work well in multiplayer settings?

Yes, many solo card games are versatile enough to be enjoyed in both solo and multiplayer formats. Games like Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and Lord of the Rings: The Card Game offer excellent solo play but are also designed to provide a rich experience with more players, making them great for varying social settings.




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