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Card Game Review: The Mind

Card Game Review: The Mind

This little card game, named "The Mind," is original and plays like no other (that I have played), but is it good? Let's find out how fun, complex, and good The Mind is? 

Disclosure: I own a copy of "The Mind," which I bought myself. At the time of publishing this review, I don't have any affiliations with the game's creators. The opinions in this review are my own. Find the Review Policy here.

My Experience With The Mind: I have played the Mind in multiple sittings - as two players, three players, and four. It's been with both - experienced and casual players. 

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"The Mind," Explained to a 10-Year Old.

The Mind is a quiet game - because you are not allowed to speak. Every player is dealt some cards (each level, you will get more cards), and then you need to play them out. The catch? Cards need to be played in increasing order. All the while without speaking to each other.

Play out a smaller number - you lose, or use a life card if you have any left. 

Skill Level - How Difficult Was it to Learn The Mind?

Difficulty Rating: 1.5/5

  • Some nuances vary by the player count, but the underlying mechanics of the Mind are straightforward. 
  • The average board game player can learn the game in 5-15 minutes (only by reading the included instructions).
  • There are a few tutorial videos and FAQs available on the internet, which can make the learning process easier.
  • Overall, the instruction booklet could be a bit more comprehensive, but it still is a simple game to learn, so I give it a complexity rating of 1.5/5.


Player Count & Social Interactivity of The Mind

Social Rating: Medium 

Although you are not allowed to speak or give indications to other players, the Mind is a socially interactive game.  

You will need to focus on - the cards you have on hand, the highest card on the table, and the expressions and body language of other players. 

So, yes, you won't be talking to each other, but you will need to focus and interact with each other in a unique way. So, I would say it is a moderately social game, leaning towards a highly social side.

Best Number of Players

The Mind is a game for 2-4 players (although I don't see any reason why you could not play it with 5 or 6 players).

This is one of the rare games which is almost as enjoyable when played with one friend as it is with three friends. Of course, when playing with 2-3 friends, it becomes a bit more intense, but still, you will enjoy the game even when playing just the two of you.

What Did I Enjoy the Most About The Mind?

The best thing about The Mind is its simplicity and suspense.

There will be times when the cards will be dealt wide apart, and you will complete a level like a walk in a park.

But other times, you will hold cards so close in numbers that you will think other players are crazy by not playing out their cards! 

One time, we had a situation where three players had one card in their hand - one had 97, the other had 99, and the last one - had 100 (which is the largest card in the Mind). On the table, the biggest number was in the sixties, so you can imagine the suspense between these players! And then - the joy when we completed this level. It is a great feeling!

What Could Be Better?

The Mind is a complete game on its own, but some elements could be improved.

For one, the rules say that the game is played by 2-4 players. I don't see why it cannot be more. Of course, that being said, you can just ignore the rules and play it with 5-6 players.

Another minor complaint is that the game feels too monotonous. Don't get me wrong, it is fun, but don't expect to keep playing over and over. After playing it for 20-30 minutes, it starts getting old. Then again, probably it is not meant to be played more than that.


Rating: 2/5

When playing The Mind, you will be doing the same thing over and over again. At first, it is entertaining and exciting. Especially when you complete a tricky level!

But over a relatively short period of time, the game stalls and becomes not that exciting.

That does not mean the game is not fun, but in retrospect of, replayability - it falls short. 

Of course, given its quick setup and portability, this game can be a great time filler (for example, on a train or plane) or as a quick game at a party,

but overall, I give the Mind a replayability rating of 2/5

Components and Art of The Mind

The Mind is a small box card game that comes with 120 playing cards and an instruction booklet. It is packed in a standard hard-cover or soft-cover box, depending on the version.

The cards and box are illustrated in a simple, cartoonish art style. Illustrations serve a practical design and can be well understood.

Artistically, only the level cards have unique designs. Other cards follow identical design patterns, so if you are looking for sophisticated illustrations, you won't find them here.

That being said, given its price point, the game is well-designed and illustrated.

Value For Money

Rating: 4/5

Generally, The Mind costs 10-15 USD, but as a worldwide classic, it is available in many stores and websites, so you can get it for even less than 10 USD.

So, The Mind is a great value for money because you can play it almost anywhere. It is simple to learn and play. And it includes more than 100 playing cards, which is a fair number for this price point.

card samples of the card game the mind

Overall Rating and To Who Would I Recommend This Game?

Final Rating: 4/5

The Mind is a simple yet great game for a couple of reasons (and situations)! Yes, it is not the most sophisticated, extensive, or complex game, but it is not made for that. It is a fantastic card game you can take with you on trips or friend gatherings. It can be enjoyed by people who usually don't play board games. And it is a fresh change of pace compared to other card games.

This game is made for easy, quick, and simply fun game nights and is an excellent choice for friends/family game nights played by casual players

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