Spheres of Life - Rules 1.5

The real world changes, and so do the world of Spheres of Life!

Your feedback provided essential insights and gave inspiration to have fantastic improvements to the Spheres of Life: Mythical Forest.

The best part about this update - you don't need anything extra to implement today. No need to buy or exchange anything. Just make these quick updates to your gameplay, and you are good to go!

! If you have not played the game with the original rules (included in some of the 1st. edition print boxes), then learn the game from ground up here. !

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Spheres of Life - 1.5 Rules. Key Updates

If you have played the game with its original rules - find the key updated and learn the updated rules under 2 minutes!

1. New Mechanic - Set Banking.

This is the most noteworthy addition to the rules because it introduces a new mechanic to the game.

Old Rule

N/a. This is a new mechanic.

New Rules

When collecting a full set of an Animal/Creature, you can bank it and get guaranteed points.

You can bank Noble animals and Corrupted Animals. When banked, even the Corrupted Animals will give you positive points.

How Does it Work?

Banking a Set is considered as a Bonus Action. You can perform a Bonus Action just before your Action.

1) Banked sets get different points as unbanked sets - read more below.

2) You can bank only a complete set (in the base game, a compete set consists of 3 copies).

3) You can bank a complete set as a bonus action just before your Action in the Dream Phase. So, you can bank the set and then do your Action, but if you already competed your Action - you will have to wait your turn again.

4) There is no limit on how many sets you can bank in total, but you can bank one set during a single Dream Phase. (Note: when restarting the Dream - it counts as a new Phase.)

5) Points for banked sets. When a set is banked, it no longer has the original points. See the next section.

Points for a Banked Set (in the base game) are as follows:

- Compete Noble Set: +6 Points

- Complete Corrupted Set: +3 Points (yes, a banked Corrupted Set will give you positive points, instead of negative points, if left at hand)

2. Discard Cards After Night Phase.

Old Rule

After Night Phase, put all unpicked cards back in the Main Deck.

New Rules

After the Night Phase, Discard all cards that were not picked up.

3. Windmaster Hero is no Longer Mandatory.

Old Rule

One Player must pick the Windmaster card. Because of this, every game begun with the same Player initiation first Day, Night, and Dream Phases.

New Rules

The Use of Windmaster hero card is optional. If no one picks the Windmaster, then the Player who begins the game is decided in good old fashioned "Rock-Paper-Scissors" fight.

Then, pass the Phase Cards to next Player after the First Day ends.

4. End of Game - The Game Always Ends in the Dream Phase.

Old Rule

Game ends in the Phase, when last card was picked up from the Main Deck.

New Rules

The Game always ends with the LAST Dream Phase 

When the last card is picked up from the Main Deck - it triggers the last Dream Phase. This means the next Round after the Main Deck runs out of cards, will be the LAST Dream Phase. 

The game ends After the last Player completes their Action in the LAST Dream Phase.


1) If the last card is picked up in the Dream Phase - the next Phase will be another Dream Phase (the last Dream Phase). 
2) When playing the last Dream Phase, you cannot use any cards (including Hero Cards) that have an effect of changing the Phase.

I.e.,The Last Dream can be restarted (but it cannot be changed to a different Phase).

5. Two Player Mode

Old Rules

N/a. Before, the game with two players had the same rules as for any other number of players.

New Rules

 When playing with only one opponent - for a better pace, and improved strategy, use these key changes in conjunction with the standard rules.

1) Each of you, pick up 2 Hero Cards, instead of one.

2) During the Day, put 6 cards on the Table. Then, each takes turns and picks three cards. Then each draw three Random cards from the Main Deck. So, you each will get 6 new cards after the Day Phase (instead of two if played by standard rules.

3) During the Night Phase, you put 12 cards on the table (instead of 4, if played by normal rules). Then, each of you can Discard up to 6 cards (instead of 2). For each discarded card, you can pick up to 1 card. 

So, in short, take 2 Hero Cards, and During the Day and Night, multiply everything by 3 compared to normal rules.