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Tips, Tricks & Strategy How to Play Spheres of Life

Tips, Tricks & Strategy How to Play Spheres of Life

At its core, the "Spheres of Life: Mythical Forest" is a competitive card game for 2-7 players where only one can be the winner. 

IMPORTANT: This article is meant for players already familiar with the rules. So, if you need to learn how to play the game - learn the rules here.

This article refers to the rule version 1.5And solely apply to the Main Game (Mythical Forest).

Here, you will find possible strategies and provide some (more or less) apparent tips on how to master the game!

So, the basis and goal of the game are straightforward, but there are many nuances so that you can employ many possible strategies. Some are obvious. Some may not be so much!

So, let's dive into tips and possible strategies for Spheres of Life: Mythical Forest!

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 rulebook of spheres of life mythical forest card game, version 1.5

Quick takes to remember when playing the Spheres of Life

  • The unpicked cards after the Night Phase will go to the discard pile - therefore, you or your opponents won't be able to get them (at least not without using expansions). So, be sure to adjust your moves when you see a card you need that was sent to the discard pile.
  • Players can view the discard pile, so remember to check it when in doubt if a card has been discarded.
  • Two copies of the same animal are worth 2x more than 2 different copies. And 3 copies of the same animal are worth 3x times more than 3 different copies.
  • In general, Corrupted Animals reduce your points. Unless - you collect all three copies and bank them. Then, even corrupted animals grant you positive points.
  • During the Night Phase, you can use as many ability cards as you like and don't have to wait your turn. So, be sure to be quick!
  • Each unused Ability Card will grant you a negative point at the end of the game, so don't wait too long to use them.
  • The game always ends in the last Dream, so you can have the opportunity to play out your last moves then! But remember, not all Ability Cards can be played in the Last Dream.

 here cards of the spheres of life mythical forest card game

Strategies to Win in Spheres of Life

So, you already know that Noble Animal Cards and banked sets of Corrupted Animals grant you points. Unbanked Corrupted Animals and unused Ability Cards - reduce your points. 

*If you want to know more about counting points, read the instructions or visit the how-to-play page.

Obvious strategy - Focus on Noble Animals

As Noble Animals give you (the most) points, collecting them as much as you can is the most obvious strategy. And it can work! But remember, if you focus solely on the Noble Animals, you leave out many possibilities of using Abilities and preventing others from using Abilities on you!

So, this strategy is very dependent on the mercy of your opponents.

The Saboteur

The game opens many opportunities to give disadvantages to other players. The simplest form is to gift away your bad cards. As Corrupted Animals reduces points points, you can collect them intentionally to gift them away at the right time. Also, if other players see that you are collecting many Corrupted Animals, it will lessen their motivation to steal from you.

Of course, to employ this strategy well, you must time it by using the right Abilities (and Hero Ability). Otherwise, you will be stuck with many negative points!

The Watcher

This is a more advanced strategy. The game includes several game mechanics that allow the most hawk-eyed players to follow what cards other players are collecting and discarding. This can provide valuable information on what cards they can steal from other players or how they can gain an advantage over them.

Of course, this is not a fool-proof strategy because other mechanics prevent fully knowing what cards other players have, but it can gain you an advantage.

Ability Wizard

The game has nine different Abilities. Each of them provides a unique effect that can either help you to gain an advantage or provide a disadvantage to other players.

Some Ability cards have such an effect that they are best used as individual cards, but others give you the most value when combined with other Abilities or Actions.

In this article, I will give you three examples of such great combinations.

a) Blessed Cherry - This card lets you view two cards from another player's hand and then return them in your chosen order.
Combination: Play out this card just before your Action. Then, you will see if this Player has the card you need. If they do - pick it! 

b) Orb of Time - This card lets you restart the Dream. 
Combination: This card provides many combination options, but one is - to play out this card after taking your turn in the Dream Phase. Then you will be able to perform another Action - including Bonus Action!

c) Magical Blueberry - This card allows you to get a specific Animal Card from the Main deck. 
Combination: If you have two copies of an animal in your hand, you can use the Magical Blueberry just before your Action to possibly get the final copy and then bank the set as your bonus action.

The Master of All Trades

This is not a particular strategy, but mixing between all of the previously mentioned strategies, depending on the situation and your opponents, will let you become a master of Spheres of Life: Mythical Forest.

 noble animal cards and their strategy in spheres of life mythical forest card game

Tips and Tricks For Playing the Spheres of Life

Player Count

Spheres of Life plays quite differently when played with two players than with five or more players. For example, the Saboteur approach is usually less effective when playing with many players. And it's much more effective when there are fewer players.

Also, when playing with more players, it is more difficult to follow which cards other players are collecting.

And last but not least, more players mean more randomness and chaos. 

So, be sure to take into account how many players you are playing when planning your next moves and strategy!


Hero Cards

The Hero cards possess a powerful ability. These cards can be used at any time - including during the Day and Night Phases. But the Hero Card abilities can be used only once per game.

Usually, the Hero Card Abilities are the most useful near the end of the game, but sometimes, it makes more sense to use them early. 

For example, the Paladin has an ability that allows you to get a specific animal from other players. Combine this card to get a complete set of an animal and bank it early!

So, be sure to time your Hero Cards to get the most out of them!


Ability Cards

Ability Cards will allow you to gain an advantage over your opponents, but remember that each unused Ability Card is worth a negative point at the end of the game. 

Yes, the game always ends in a Dream Phase, but not all Abilities will be usable; be sure not to hoard them. Use them wisely and not too late!


Banking Sets

The game provides a way to guarantee points. This is possible because of the Bonus Action - Banking a complete set of an animal. 

But there are two catches:

1) By banking a noble animal set, you will "lose" potential 3 points because a banked noble set is worth six points, while an unbanked set is worth nine points. So, be sure to decide what is more worthwhile to you - the guarantee or potentially three more points!

2) By banking a Corrupted Animal set, you will get three positive points. But unbanked, Corrupted animals will get you negative points. 

So, you can risk losing points by trying to collect a full set. But the good news is that, given the risk, not all players will be eager to catch the corrupt ones.

 box and cover art of the spheres of life mythical forest card game

Final words

Spheres of Life is a "simply" complex game. It is very much possible to just "wing it" and still have fun, but its many layers allow players to take on specific strategies and plan 2,3,4 moves! 

So, are you ready to become the savior of the forest?

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