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Mythical Forest: Rules 1.5 Update

Mythical Forest: Rules 1.5 Update

The world changes, and so do the Spheres of Life: Mythical Forest!

As of today, we have updated the rules of the Mythical Forest game to rules 1.5 Version - which is now the official rules. And we want to explain a bit what was changed and why did we do it!

spheres of life mythical forest with the rulebook 1.5 version

Why the rules of Spheres of Life needed an update?

The Spheres of Life: Mythical Forest is the first game of its kind we have created and published, and we want to make the game as good as possible!

We always intended on listening to the feedback from players, and the feedback overall was positive, but there were two most common criticisms that was said in one form or another.

1) The rulebook is too complex.

2) Action phase is lacking a fourth option.

Therefore, the creator went back to the drawing board, and did many more playtests to figure out the how to improve the rulebook and make changes to the action phase, without compromising anything.

spheres of life rules 1.5 the last dream

What was updated in the Rules 1.5?

The rules 1.5 version include a few, but noteworthy changes. You can read more about the specific updates here, but in a nutshell the Windmaster hero card is no longer mandatory; players discard unpicked cards after the Night Phase; the game now ends with the Last Dream; and a new bonus action was introduced.

Also, a two-player mode is introduced.

These updates introduce a more fast paced gameplay, and with the bonus action, the Players have the opportunity to score guaranteed points. 

What do you need to implement the rules 1.5 version?

The best thing about the rules 1.5, is that even if you got the game with the old (original) rules, you don't need to get or buy anything extra. Just read the rules 1.5 key updates, and implement them in your next playthrough!

closeup of the spheres of life rulebook version 1.5

How will you know, if you got the 1.5 version?

After completing the updated rules, we have reprinted the rulebook, and we will repackage the unsold copies, so that they have the correct rulebook. But, of course, some copies are already sent to customers, and are in the fulfillment center, so some of you still can get the older version of the rulebook.

The cards, box, and insert of the game will be exactly the same for the older version, and the one having rules 1.5 version. 

If your rulebook says "rules 1.5" on the cover page - you got the rules 1.5 version. If not - you have got the old version. But don't worry - just go to our how-to-play page, and learn to play the version 1.5 there. We have a tutorial video and FAQ section available for you to quickly learn the rules there.

Can you still play with the old rules?

Yes, the old rules work perfectly fine, but rules 1.5 make it better, so they are recommended. Also, future expansions will be based on rules 1.5 version.

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